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Learning to learn, what does it mean?

– Learning to learn, what does it mean?



In the era of growing businesses, new technologies and the constantly changing market it is necessary to learn fast and effective if we want to be up to date with all changes. In this case, you can’t do it only when you are sitting comfortably in your home or in a school. The altering and evolving environment require facing difficulties in a more active way


What does it mean? 

Look actively for growth opportunities and new challenges. Be willing to acquire new skills by approaching new situations and seek for unknown areas that give the possibility to grasp new capabilities. Don’t be afraid of experimenting and becoming a novice over and over again.

Harvard Review Business published an article on the soft skill: learning to learn. Some mental tools are presented that anyone can develop to boost all four attributes: aspiration, self – awareness, curiosity, and vulnerability



… is a strong desire to achieve something. Focus on the positive. Imagining what we can gain from learning something boosts the willingness to take action



Awareness of one’s own knowledge and skills helps to detect the fields where you might lack some competences. Apparently it is not that easy to assess your own strengths and weaknesses that easily. 



One of the ways to raise curiosity could be to think about how could you do the work differently to make it more interesting.



Don’t be afraid to be a novice. Expect mistakes, it is natural to make them when you explore a new field.


How to do it? Check for more information in THIS article.