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Why is Public Speaking an important skill?

– Why is Public Speaking an important skill?


Why is Public Speaking an important skill?


Public speaking is one of those skills that can be very useful in your career. The ability to speak in front of an audience can be useful not only when speaking at a conference, but also in a job interview or product presentation.



Here are some reasons why public speaking is an important skill:



1. Public speaking skills help you in your professional career.


For many, the first serious public speech is an interview for the first job. It’s actually a presentation. Success depends on whether you outshine the competition.


At work, we usually work in teams. And that means you may appear in front of or on behalf of the team. Career depends on the ability to convincingly speak and present your arguments and ideas.


2. Public speaking skills help in business.


It is not enough to have a great product. You also need to be able to talk about it in an interesting way. Your business may be the best, fastest, most innovative, but if no one has heard of it…


Business leaders are required to speak clearly and convincingly to employees, clients, investors, and sometimes public opinion, for example in a crisis. The effectiveness of these speeches may depend on whether they earn or lose millions.


3. Public speaking skills reduce stress.


Effective speeches reduce the number of misunderstandings in internal communication and reduce stress among speakers. Employees are more willing to give presentations and communicate better.


4. Public speaking skills help you manage time.


Most presentations are too long and over talked. Experienced speakers express themselves more clearly, speak shorter and use more effective techniques of knowledge transmission.


Good speakers need less time to prepare and practice a speech – they know what they want to achieve and how to do it.


5. Public speaking skills shape better leaders.


Every case needs someone who can present it clearly and convincingly. Public opinion often assesses the importance of a case by the way it is presented.


If the leader does not know how to encourage people to act, there is no reason to count on full mobilization and cooperation.


6. Public speaking skills improve image and reputation.


It may be unfair, but customers and consumers often judge a product, brand or company by the way it is presented – they only remember the best and worst.


Better presentations do not guarantee success – they only make it easier. Bad presentations? They spoil the reputation and hinder the implementation of plans.


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