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Can volunteer work help to boost your CV?

– Can volunteer work help to boost your CV?


Can volunteer work help to boost your CV?


The topic of volunteering is as inspiring as it is debatable. For some, volunteering is an activity that is performed for free for the benefit of other people, communities or the environment. For others, it can also be a way to build a CV, gain work experience or build career capital.


Volunteering might be the answer for people who are in between jobs as well as for those who want to change their career. 


Keep your passion burning brightly

Usually, volunteering goes on with a passion. Keeping on doing volunteering work in-between your jobs will keep your passion for what you do burning brightly. Even if you are not planning to change your job, volunteering can help to acquire new skills that are useful in any job, such as interpersonal communication, problem-solving, planning, or task management.


If you want to change your career

When you want to change your career, before you jump into a job position without really knowing what you are getting into, volunteering will be a perfect way to discover what you might deal with. Through volunteering, you not only learn the profession, but also the organizational culture, how to interact in a group, organize your work, and cooperate with another person. Volunteers often oversee really serious and responsible tasks.



Another benefit of volunteering is to meet people with similar passions and network with new industry contacts who might lead to a new job. So it can be a great opportunity to make friends in the industry in which we need to work.


Apart from the benefits of acquiring new professional acquaintances time spent on volunteering results in making new friends, increasing the sense of community, and improving interpersonal skills. Constant contact with people helps to develop a natural support system that provides excellent protection against stress and depression.


Adding skills to your CV

During your volunteering work, you can acquire many new skills that can boost your resume. It can help a lot, especially if you don’t have too much experience. It is also a great way to increase your market value. Thanks to this, the future employer will see you as a person curious about the world, not afraid of challenges, who strives to develop new interests.


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