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Paid 12-months internship as Project Assistant on the certification of volunteers’ soft skills via GloRe Certificate platform

Associazione Joint is looking for an intern to become a staff member for the GloRe team in the long run. The main activities will be related to glorecertificate.net, a platform that provides all local and international volunteers the possibility of having their soft-skill recognized.

Main Tasks:

– manage the back-end of the platform
– “customer service” to volunteers and NGO members using the platform
– desk research on certification of volunteering and other non-formal and informal learning experiences
– support (and participation) in the logistic management and reporting of international meetings
– support in the reporting of EU (EuropeAid and EACEA) projects
– support in the creation of remote-learning modules.

Eligible candidates:

Official residence in an EU country (full members, no Turkey, Serbia etc), in Norway or Iceland other than Italy (candidates with residency in Italy are not eligible).

IMPORTANT: we won’t be able to support the Visa process, thus the candidates should have a permanent residency in the EU or a Visa valid for the entire period of the internship (12-months).

Required characteristics:

– Fluency in written and spoken business English
– strong interest in the field of certification, recognition and validation of learning in informal and non-formal fields
– passion for international mobility and volunteering
– experience or at least educational background (sociology, pedagogy etc) in desk research.

Not compulsory characteristics:

– knowledge of Italian and/or other languages
– having a performing laptop to be used at work.

Work Hours

Hours: 40/week.
Time: Monday/Friday between 9am and 8pm.
Smart work: presence in the office is compulsory for 1 week every month, which will be communicated 15-20days in advance. The rest of the time can be done remotely.

Terms and condition

Duration: 12-months.
Commencement: half-September – half November.
Financial compensation: 900€/month.

Selection Process

Please attach your CV and a motivation letter in English or Italian. We will get back to you to arrange an interview between the end of August and September. Even the unsuitable candidates will receive an answer within 30-40 days of the application. The final selection will be done through 2 or more interviews.


To apply please fill the form you’ll find on this page.