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GloRe Technical Training | May 31st 2023

GloRe Technical Training | May 31st 2023

The GloRe Technical Training is the first step to get an active account in the GloRe certification system. The training will provide newcomers with the competences to use the GloRe certification platform with their volunteers and to provide a clear understanding of rights, duties and opportunities related to the use of the certification system and to the membership in The GloRe Network.

According to that, this training addresses staff members whose organisations deal with European Solidarity Corps, international or local volunteers and willing to improve their learning awareness and to provide the volunteers with a Soft Skill Certificate off GloRe.


Overall Information


The Technical Training’s working language is English.

The event is hosted on Zoom on Wednesday 31/05/2023.

Upon participation, it is necessary to complete an e-learning module which requires 40-60 minutes to be done properly.

To apply for the Technical Training fill out the form by 21/05/2023. There are a total of 20 places available and the selection will happen on a first-come, first-served basis.


Technical Training Schedule


Please note that the programme may be subject to change.


Project – What is GloRe


The GloRe Network is an umbrella organisation established in Milan, Italy in 2017. The network is active worldwide in 20 countries and has the main goal of fostering – at GLObal level – the REcognition of volunteering and non-formal learning, hence the name. GloRe is an open network of non-profit organisations, indeed any non-profit organisation working with young volunteers, either locally or internationally, can join in as long as it respects the quality standards for the volunteer’s support, the proper use of the certification platform and with active participation in the network.

The organisation oversees the membership and training process, monitors the proper use of the platform and promotes it.


The Certification Platform


It is a certification platform that allows both international and local volunteers to receive a certificate with recognition of the soft skills they acquired while volunteering.

The latest version of the platform, launched in 2022, enables users to get a certificate either in English, Turkish, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. Volunteers have the possibility to go through 26 e-learning modules that help them in assessing their level in each soft-skill (the ones certified by the platform) and in creating a short dossier about their learning. At the end of the process the host organisation will validate the certificate, taking responsibility for approving the information on it. The platform is complementary to other certifications as Youthpass and is meant to provide volunteers with a flexible and reliable certificate, while investing a few hours on it. The certificate is recognised internationally by the members of The GloRe Network international community and by several educational and public institutions.