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The follow up of the project

Euro-Turkish Civil Society Development (EUROTUREC, ref. num. CSD-VI/372) is supported by the EU Programme “Supporting Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey Grant Scheme (CSD-VI)“. The project is the follow-up of GloCal Recognition (CSD-V/397) and it aims at fostering the recognition and establishing long-term cooperation between Turkish and European Civil Society Organisations.

The main objectives

Where the project is aiming at

  • reinforce partnerships and create a concrete support to foster cooperation opportunities between Turkish and European CSOs;
  • a further development of certification-and-support tools for volunteers and CSOs’ staff;
  • train organisations’ k-members in volunteers’ management, networking and project development;
  • increase the number of CSOs and young people benefitting from GloRe system and network;
  • reinforce the network internal governance fostering a sense of belonging and reliability;
  • boost the recognition of the involved CSOs and the civil society ecosystem through

Project partners

Project Beneficiaries:

  • Associazione Joint is one of the biggest and most innovative Youth Association in Italy. It is the Italian member of ICYE global network, the coordinator of the Italian Network for European Volunteering (RIVE) and the coordinator of an informal network recognized by European Union counting on 232 international partners. Joint focus on providing learning opportunities to young people through international experiences such as European Solidarity Corps, International volunteering, Work Camps, local and international Training Courses, Youth Exchanges and Capacity Building Projects focusing on advocacy, active participation, intercultural learning, social entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism.
  • Antalya Center of Support for EU Studies Association is a civil society organisation consisting of EU experts, business people, representatives from local organisations (municipalities, Chamber of Commerce, etc), youth workers and trainers. It aims at increasing public awareness towards EU matters and the accession process. The core working fields are promoting active citizenship, key qualifications and entrepreneurial skills of young people through non-formal learning methods.
  • The GloRe Network is a EU wide NGO (ENGO) established in 2017. The network is active worldwide and has the main goal to foster at GLObal level the REcognition of volunteering and non-formal learning, hence the name.
    GloRe is an open network of non profit organisations, as every non profit organisation working with young volunteers either at a local or international level can join in as long as it respects the quality standards for the volunteer’s support, the proper use of the certification platform and the active participation in the network. The organisation oversees the membership and training process, monitors the proper use of the platform, and promotes it.

Project partners

Associated Partners:

Kaisery Abdullah Gül University is one of the leading public education institutions in Turkey. In addition to student training, the University organizes training courses, conducts research, develops projects, and shares them locally. In this context, AGU has always paid special attention to youth policies and has created the “Youth Factory”, a university within the university, unique in the country, which develops training projects for students based on non-formal education and experiential learning. The organization organizes both national and international training courses on various youth-related topics.

Needs Map is a leading social cooperative born in Turkey and mainly deals with managing the homonymous platform to collect needs and donors throughout the country. In addition to the platform, used by more than 50,000 individuals and 350 Turkish civil society organizations, the organization has volunteer groups in over 30 universities through which it coordinates the work of thousands of young volunteers across the country.

EMERGENCY is an independent and neutral international organisation founded in 1994 to provide free, high-quality medical and surgical care to victims of war, landmines and poverty. EMERGENCY promotes a culture of peace, solidarity and respect for human rights. Our work is made possible by the contributions of thousands of supporters who choose to stand with us.The volunteers of emergency – over 2.000 all accross Italy divided in around 140 local groups, are the local point of reference for all the people that what to get to know, support or participate in the life of the association.

The Social Cooperative Il Ce.Sto has been engaged since 1987 in promoting the processes of integration within the population of the historic center of Genoa, with a particular attention to minors and second-generation immigrants, in strict cooperation with other subjects in the neighborhood (inhabitants, local businesses, schools, institutions). The maze of alleys that form the historic center of Genoa is in fact at the heart of Ce.sto’s social work. Aiming at safeguarding the liveability of the neighbourhood and, above all, at preventing and finding a solution for poverty and social distress, Ce.Sto wants to be a center for social aggregation and territorial integration and for the promotion of dialogue, respect and tolerance. To achieve this objective, Ce.sto provides free social services to the whole community, in particular through the tools of informal and non-formal education, seminaries and workshops. Prerogative is always given to those who are most vulnerable,children and young people which we see as the future of the community.

Farfalle nella Testa is a cooperative society that deals with communication of science. It was born in 2013, bringing together various fields of professionalism (management, scientific advice, research, exhibitions, educational projects, technology, communication) with a great experience in scientific museums, science centres, zoos, aquariums, research groups and/or experienced in the dissemination. The idea behind the birth of the cooperative was to have in one working group all the skills needed to create, implement and/or manage exhibitions and didactic paths with live animals and plants. Farfalle nella Testa since 2015 has been managing the House of Butterflies in Bordano (UD), the biggest structure of this kind in Italy, owned by the Municipality of Bordano, in which it involved many local and international volunteers.

Serve the City has the main objective of promoting solidarity, civic and social participation, social inclusion and cooperation through quality voluntary initiatives accessible to all young people and organisations contributing to social cohesion, solidarity, democracy and European citizenship. The objective of social inclusion also focuses on the need to respond to social problems and to reinforce the potential of the community. Together, the association seeks to empower young people through the development of transversal skills and learning, namely, at a personal, educational, social and civic, cultural and professional level, recognizing the importance of each in the social transformation and contribution to a society highly inclusive, supportive, cohesive and cooperative. Opportunities to participate in volunteer activities are targeted at those who wish to take a proactive role in change, including young people with fewer opportunities. So we are sure that we can actively contribute to the difference. Aware of the importance of the impacts on the construction of a society based on the principles of European cooperation, our vision is to strengthen the competences of all young people, ensuring support at all times, in order to promote a new path for the transformation of social reality.

Kızlar Sahada has the goal to break societal gender norms that tell people what they “can’t do,” and to empower girls and women of all ages with football!
To attain our goal we organise: football schools for young girls, football tournaments for high school students and adult women; football and social development camps for mixed groups of girls and boys; and training for sport clubs, schools and companies.

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