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The follow up of the project

Euro-Turkish Civil Society Development (EUROTUREC, ref. num. CSD-VI/372) is supported by the EU Programme “Supporting Civil Society Dialogue Between EU and Turkey Grant Scheme (CSD-VI)“. The project is the follow-up of GloCal Recognition (CSD-V/397) and it aims at fostering the recognition and establishing long-term cooperation between Turkish and European Civil Society Organisations.

The main objectives

Where the project is aiming at

  • reinforce partnerships and create a concrete support to foster cooperation opportunities between Turkish and European CSOs;
  • a further development of certification-and-support tools for volunteers and CSOs’ staff;
  • train organisations’ k-members in volunteers’ management, networking and project development;
  • increase the number of CSOs and young people benefitting from GloRe system and network;
  • reinforce the network internal governance fostering a sense of belonging and reliability;
  • boost the recognition of the involved CSOs and the civil society ecosystem through
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NB: the GloRe Network Quality Committee reserves the right to open a removal procedure in case of circumstances proving that the organisation does not comply with the GloRe Quality Charter.

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