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GloRe is hosting a Technical Training to guide you through the process of activating your organisation's account on the GloRe platform. The Training takes place online on the Zoom platform, on 14th April 2022.   GloRe Technical Training   The GloRe Technical Training is the first step to get an active account in the GloRe certification system. The training will provide newcomers with the competences to use the GloRe...

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How to certify the soft skills of your volunteers? Free Webinar to join on April 1st, 2021   Apply to be one of the 60 participants in the webinar to learn about GloRe Certificate Platform, discover how to join The GloRe Network and create new international partnerships.   The Webinar   The webinar will take place from 10am to 12:30pm (CET). The event is meant to display the main features of the...

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GloRe Certificate is an online platform that turns the soft-skills acquired while volunteering, into a certificate spendable in the labour market. It has been developed by an international network and it is now available in multiple languages (English, Italian, Turkish and Spanish).   It represents an easy and professional way for people who undertook a local or international volunteering experience to see a recognition for their competences.     The...

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