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The GloRe Network is an open network that aims to enlarge his audience both volunteers and NGOs all over the world. Find out how to join us and use our system.
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The videos are a result of the project GloCal Recognition (CSDV_397)

What is GloRe all about: how it works, how it started and developed

SoftSkill: Communication & Active Listening

Tutorial N.1 for Volunteers: How to create a volunteer account

Tutorial N.2 for Volunteers-How to get your certificate

Tutorial N.1 for Organisations – How to use the platform

Tutorial N.2 for Organisations – How to validate a certificate

Find out how GloRe Certificate works

GloRe Certification Website

Discover GloRe Certificate

Be volunteer

Discover GloRe

Soft Skill: Responsibility

GloRe Network is back!

Soft skill: Teamwork

Softskill: Tolerance

GloRe Certificate available in multiple languages!

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