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The GloRe Network is an open network that aims to enlarge his audience both volunteers and NGOs all over the world. Find out how to join us and use our system.
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Welcome To The GloRe Network,
Find out how to join us.
By joining the Network NGOs can use the certification system.
Respect our quality standards and use the certification system responsibly.

Follow the step below to join the GloRe Network

1) Application Form & Trial Membership Form

Fill in and submit the Application Form and the Trial Membership Form you find at the end of this page.

The quality of the service we provide is fundamental. To achieve the highest results we need to make sure that all our partners match the professional requirements we ask in order to use our system. The Network is open without limitations. However, the applying organisations must:

  • Respect The GloRe Quality Charter;
  • Fill the application form and send it to GloRe Network Quality Committee;
  • Use the Certification System in the Trial Period;
  • Officially enter in The GloRe Network during the Annual Statutory Meeting
Download the document

2) Evaluation Interview

Have a call with a member of  the GloRe Network to verify the eligibility and get acquainted with the GloRe Network

3) Technical Training

One or more members of the applicant organisation must participate

Participation in technical training is essential for members of the organisation to understand the system, its functions and how to use it.

We will go through the certification system together and explain the rules required to stay in our network. We will make sure that you understand that our system is designed to:

  1. provide volunteers a certificate that values their non-academic competencies;
  2. enhance personal esteem through the self-assesment and the validation of the soft skills by the Host Organization;
  3. help the volunteers to valorize their experience to potential employers;
  4. Help the volunteers and the organisations to plan the learning process to get to know each other better;
  5. Provide each organisation and the network with measures and feedbacks on the impact we have in the communities and in the volunteers.

4) Final Test

Participants in the training will have to take an assessment exam right after the end of the Training

For the system to work, it is essential that those responsible in each organisation have a clear knowledge and understanding of the system. For this reason, members of organisations wishing to join the network will be asked to take an evaluation test.

5) Trial Period

Try the system without constraints

After the training, the organisation and the mentor account will be activated and the trial period starts. The account is activated for the following September. In this period you must complete the certification period with at least 3 volunteers and share one post about GloRe on your Social Media Channels.

Download the memorandum

6) Full Membership

After the trial period you will be able to apply for the full membership

For the system to work, it is essential that those responsible in each organisation have a clear knowledge and understanding of the system. For this reason, members of organisations wishing to join the network will be asked to take part in the Training for Mentor

7) Training for Mentors

A moment to improve the quality of your work with the volunteers by sharing good practices with the other members of the network

The training focuses on mentorship and on how to integrate Glore into the volunteering activities of the organisation. The training will be carried out via ZOOM, will last between 6 and 8 hours, and only participants who have completed the technical training and certified at least three volunteers will be able to participate.

8) Annual Review

Few, simple duties to be respected

Each Full Member of The GloRe Network has to comply with few, simple duties, that will be verified on annual basis:

  • Certify 5 volunteer
  • Share 1 post about GloRe Network on social media
  • Participate in 1 online meeting
  • Have 1 active mentor
Access Rules

Application Form

NB: please note the form must be filled in English

    General info

    Legal rappresentative

    Contact Person


    The Best Way To Give
    Value To Your Organisation
    Join now our Network. Please note that after the first year of use you'll need to confirm your subscription.

    NB: the GloRe Network Quality Committee reserves the right to open a removal procedure in case of circumstances proving that the organisation does not comply with the GloRe Quality Charter.

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