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International training on local volunteer management and certification in Genoa

International training on local volunteer management and certification in Genoa

Where: Genoa, Italy
Deadline: 25 October 2019
Event dates: 18-25 November 2019
Organisation: Joint Association


Training Course within the EU-funded GloCal Recognition project for the development of Turkish civil society.


The training will train third sector representatives and practitioners in the management of local volunteering and on the GloCal Recognition certification system: during the week participants from Italy, Europe and Turkey will discuss and be trained on how to manage, involve and support local volunteers in their organisation. They will also be trained on how the GloCal Recognition certification platform works, through theoretical explanations followed by practical parts where participants will try out the system in small groups. There will be a part dedicated to the emergence of acquired competences and the support of volunteers, both in group situations and during individual interviews. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to develop new partnerships and joint projects between the organisations represented, and will be able to meet representatives of some of the most important Turkish non-profit organisations.





“GloCal Recognition” (reference no. TR2015 / DG / 01 / A5-02 / 397) is one of the 12 projects selected under the Programme “European Union-Turkey Civil Society Dialogue – Fifth Civil Society Funding Scheme “funded by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union itself. The aim of the programme is to promote cooperation between Turkish and European civil society.

GloCal Recognition is developing a system for the recognition of soft skills acquired during voluntary activities carried out locally. The system will be adapted from ‘Global Recognition’, a platform previously created by Joint in cooperation with organisations from South America and Europe for the certification of international volunteering experiences. This project will thus foster lasting cooperation between Turkish and European NGOs and enable young people and local organisations to add value to their work.

The main result we want to achieve with GloCal Recognition is the creation of an online platform translated into Italian, English and Turkish that will include

  • An assessment framework for soft skills and a system for issuing the certificate;
  • E-learning modules designed for users’ understanding and awareness of soft-skills;
  • A toolkit that will present examples of non-formal education methodologies for both young people and non-profit organisations, which will support them in the process of evaluating their acquired skills.


The project also includes the promotion and dissemination of the platform through the web and various social media channels.




Maximum 10 participants from Italy: they will be selected among people with a relevant and lasting role within non-profit organisations working with local volunteers. Within these organisations, participants may be selected either from among volunteers or staff members, the important thing being that they are familiar with their workings and can take what they have learnt back to their own organisation.




  • share good practices and be trained on methodologies for the management and involvement of local volunteers
  • to test non-formal methodologies complementary to the e-learning modules to support young people and organisations in
  • using the GloCal Recognition certification system
  • collect feedback on the GloCal certification and support system;
  • provide an experience of intercultural exchange and partnership building by promoting intercultural cooperation and understanding.




  • to increase skills for the management of local volunteers of the organisations involved;
  • to test non-formal methods to support the certification process;
  • improve the GloCal Recognition certification and support system;
  • increase participants’ intercultural competences and create new partnerships.




All board and lodging costs are covered by the project as well as travel expenses, which will be 100% covered. Membership of the Joint Association is required for participation, while no participation fee is required.