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Can I LEARN soft skills?

– Can I LEARN soft skills?
Can I LEARN soft skills?
More and more often, employers, next to the list of hard skills and years of experience, score soft skills in the requirements. These are skills that facilitate effective interaction in a private and professional environment.

In contrast to the hard skills, you can’t learn the soft skills from a book or a webinar. Soft skills are the ones we use to put into practice what we have learned. And it’s not just about what we learn during our formal education, but also about the knowledge we gain through practice and experience. These skills are closely related to our attitudes, values and everything that is relevant to our professional life.

The question is not IF you can learn some skills, but rather WHAT skills do you have to acquire to reach your goal (for example not having stress while public speaking).
learn soft skills

Rather than learn the soft skills you should learn how to unlock them.
Be motivated and ask a person you trust (a mentor, your boss, a friend) to talk about your soft skills.
Fostering the soft skills is not something comfortable, you will have to leave your comfort zone and face situations that are new for you.

There are many trainings online available on different soft skills where you can find techniques and advice on how to boost your competences. Ask your HR or boss if it is possible to have soft skills training at your work.

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