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Is it possible to learn CREATIVITY?

– Is it possible to learn CREATIVITY?

Is it possible to learn creativity?


It is known that creativity is the source of all innovation, and therefore it is the basic stimulator of modernity and development of enterprises.


It is worth remembering that there is no question about the competitiveness and success of a company without creativity generating product, technological and management innovations. Innovations are not only new, sophisticated products and technologies. Innovation means also improving and introducing new methods of organization, management, and marketing.


There are many myths and misconceptions about creativity, here are some of them:


  • The myth that the more intelligent someone is, the more creative they are.
    It turns out that intelligence only correlates with creativity to a certain level. Among medium-intelligent employees (IQ 100-120 points), general intelligence correlates slightly with creativity. Creativity requires initiative, creative activity as well as passion and enthusiasm in action, and this is often not the best for so-called people intelligent.


  • The myth that young people are more creative than older people.
    Studies have shown that age is not a clear indicator of creative potential. A novice usually needs seven to ten years to acquire deep knowledge in a given field, which would allow seeing the essence of matters and patterns of consequences between the studied phenomena.


  • The myth that creativity is reserved only for few people and for confident risk-takers.
    Readiness to take calculated risks and the ability to think non-traditionally is, of course, relevant to creativity. This does not mean, however, that only a person ‘addicted to adrenaline’ or someone clearly different from others can be creative.


  • The myth that creativity is revealed in loneliness.
    The days when inventors worked alone and created brilliant works in the style of Leonardo da Vinci passed. Currently, most of the world’s inventions arise from the cooperation of many people with complementary talents and specialties.


The good news is that creativity is a skill, it means that it can be improved through exercises.


Here are some tricks that can help you to boost your creativity:


    • Make inspirational rituals
      Rituals, this is activities that you perform regularly (ex. meditation), will condition your brain for better creativity.
    • Try to create something every day
    • Instead of “discipline”, think “devotion”
    • Take breaks
      Inspirations will strike you at the most unexpected places, don’t sit the whole time at your desk. Go around, observe, talk to people.
    • Make a list and select your ideas
      … when you have too many ideas! You can also carry with you a small notebook and write down your ideas, because, as mentioned before, they may come to you in the most unexpected moments.
    • Ask the right questions
      When you start a creative session, always start with ‘why’, ‘how’, and ‘what’.
    •  Have fun!
      Having fun is a proven and popular way to generate ideas. Now, that’s another good news;)
    • Take advantage of peak hours
      Everybody has a certain time during the day when they are more or less active and productive. Observe yourself and plan your daily work in a way to use your own ‘peak hours’.
    • Build a network
      By surrounding yourself with inspiring people good ideas may fall upon you more frequently. Discuss concepts with people you trust, get new views on your ideas and don’t be afraid to reconstruct them.
    • Take Risks…
      it may inspire you to think outside the box.
    • Forget talent
      It’s not like we have ‘it’ or not. You can learn to be more creative.


      Feeling inspired already?

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