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CULTURAL AWARENESS at the workplace


Cultural awareness should be described more as an ability, than a skill. You can’t learn it in a school or during a training. But there are many ways in how you can become more conscious about the cultural differences.


In a few words, cultural awareness means to be conscious of the fact, that people from different cultures look at the same thing in different ways. It means also that you are able to recognize different beliefs, costumes, and values. Being aware of the cultural differences means also to be able to respect the differences.


The ability to communicate with people in a multicultural environment and the ability to build so-called bridges of agreement between cultures might be extremely important at the workplace. Currently, we are living in the age of globalization. It means that more and more people have to work and function in different political systems, times, climate zones, and various cultures.


Working with people from different cultures gives a possibility to approach a problem or product from different perspectives. This, in turn, can lead to better solutions and favorable outcomes. Diversity at the workplace presents both opportunities and challenges.


You can ‘train’ this ability by reading books, traveling, reflection and interacting with people from diverse cultures.


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