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Are you the leader type? About leadership skills

– Are you the leader type? About leadership skills

Leadership skills


Some people are born leaders – full of charisma, they gather others around them, they are energetic and dynamic. What should a leader be like? Confident, flexible, enterprising, forward-thinking, dominant, assertive? There are many ways to lead others – you can be an authoritarian, liberal, or more democratic leader. Someone may have the characteristics of a total dictator, while others may be more interested in good team collaboration.

Today’s market requires managers to have multidimensional preparation. She/He must take responsibility not only for the company but also for the employees. On one hand, she/he is required to achieve business goals, which are accompanied by skills such as stress resistance, goal orientation, specialization in a given field, and … hours of continuous work. On the other hand, a good manager must be a leader who not only motivates his colleagues but above all is an authority for them.


Features and skills of a good leader


Generally speaking, leadership is understood as the practical ability to lead or lead other people, teams, or organizations. However, this is not just about the classic direction, it is about an interplay of values, character traits, situational behavior, visions, and charisma that the leader conveys to his employees.


This requires a strong communication personality, but rhetoric alone is not enough: the visions presented must also be filled with values and convictions and exemplified by one’s own actions.


Effective leadership is a sum of many skills. Just to mention some of them:


  • enthusiasm is a key factor in team communication. Work is much lighter and more pleasant when we work eagerly.
  • creativity, the ability to create new ideas, concepts, solve difficult situations.
  • experience, skills acquired while working with people, observation of events, acquired knowledge from many years of work experience.
  • compassion, credibility, honesty, empathy,
  • ability to make informed choices, analytical mind, intuition,
  • having the will to constantly learn, willingness to participate in courses and training, full motivation to change.


Being a leader is a job that requires constant learning and adapting to market changes. If your goal is to become a good leader, you must develop your skills, both hard and soft.


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