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Once upon a time… About Storytelling

– Once upon a time… About Storytelling

Once upon a time…


Storytelling describes the art of telling a really good story that captivates the listener and recipient, awakens emotions, and leaves a lasting impression. Professional storytelling is often used in marketing and advertising, but can also be used in other areas.


It helps the seller to get customers excited about their product; it helps the boss to motivate his team and it can help the applicant to convince the personnel manager. The ability to tell a good story is crucial in communication.


In fact, various studies show that we are particularly willing to accept information if several senses are involved. So not only hearing or seeing but also the heart. A pictorial language, a lively narrator, many impressive emotions – all of which favors that we will remember what we heard for a long time. And tell others about it.


The structure of storytelling


Even if the content varies – the optimal storytelling actually always follows the same rules, a typical dramaturgy. Dramaturgy creates an arc of tension so that readers, listeners, or viewers remain attentive and active.


This arc of tension is essential and is built up continuously from the first moment – until the end. After that, a working story ideally has five classic elements:


  • An emotionally significant starting point.
  • The main character.
  • Conflicts and obstacles that the main character has to overcome.
  • A noticeable development (before and after effect).
  • And a high point, if possible a conclusion applicable to your own life – the moral of the story.


In storytelling, the story is almost always based on this typical tension. It not only increases attention but also ensures solidarity and identification with what is happening. Right from the start, the listener puts himself in the situation, feels it, and looks at things from the protagonist’s perspective.


At work, during the recruitment process or in private life, storytelling is an ability that can become handy in many situations. Like the other soft skills, it can be practiced, improved, and can have a significant influence on your career.


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