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Why should you talk to a career advisor?

– Why should you talk to a career advisor?

Why should you talk to a career advisor?


The basic goal of vocational counseling for both youth and adults is support in the process of making educational and professional decisions. Each of us should, therefore, come into contact with career counseling during the school period, i.e. when a young person and a future employee are to determine their interests and recognize their own predispositions.


Due to the dynamic changes observed in the global labor market recently, vocational guidance is based on the assumption that career planning and development is a long-term process. It should begin in early childhood and last a lifetime. This process is complex, requires prudence in making decisions and relevant information necessary to make the right choices. Thus, it requires the support of properly prepared specialists, i.e. career advisors.


Therefore, the task of a career advisor is to accompany his/her client at key moments of this process and to help him/her acquire relevant information about himself/herself and about educational opportunities as well as about the situation (and forecasts) on the labor market.


Professional counseling is used by:

  • students considering the choice of school
  • students looking for an idea for their own professional development,
  • persons at risk of losing their job who would like to retrain,
  • working people who are thinking about changing their profession,
  • unemployed persons who enter the labor market (after school, break related to motherhood),
  • everyone who would like to know their professional profile and learn more about their predispositions or are looking for inspiration for educational or professional development.


Where to look for a career advisor?

Career advisors offer advisory services in schools, psychological and pedagogical counseling centers, academic career offices, labor offices, and other institutions, both public and private. An opportunity to take advantage of free consultancy services is also participation in projects financed from European funds in which consultancy support is provided for specific target groups (also for working adults).


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