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Self-confidence at work

– Self-confidence at work

Self-confidence at work


There are many factors that can inhibit our personal and professional development. One of them is definitely a lack of faith in your own abilities. It often seems to us that we have been born this way and we cannot do anything about it. In this regard, we blame ourselves that we do everything the wrong way. This is how we translate our failures at work, with a hint of jealousy glancing at people who are climbing up and are successful. We are sure that we will not succeed. However, this attitude is not given to us once and for all.


Know your strengths and weaknesses

The first step to increasing confidence at work is to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Speaking them out loud is very important because you are probably not used to talk about yourself, especially well. What we are not good at we usually hide from others and try not to think about it – that is, you also do not talk about it. If you learn to speak your pros and cons aloud – even when you are alone at home! – this may be the beginning of a path of development.


Accept yourself

Without self-acceptance, along with the pros and cons, it’s hard to start talking about self-confidence at work. Now that you know how you are, you have analyzed it, you are aware of what you can change, you have nothing else but to like yourself.


Improve your qualifications

The basis of self-confidence at work is knowledge and skills that you will self-appreciate. If as a result of this exercise you realize that you are not good enough at all and your uncertainty may arise from this, then start thinking about how you can improve your qualifications. Just learning and training (even independent, e.g. from books or the Internet) will significantly improve your sense of confidence.


It is worth learning self-confidence at work so that you can perform your duties without hindrance or frustration.


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