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2nd Euroturec Conference: eTwinning call for NGOs and Municipalities

euroturec conference

2nd Euroturec Conference: eTwinning call for NGOs and Municipalities

2nd Euroturec Conference: eTwinning call for NGOs and Municipalities
Understand how it works, find your partners and start to work on your application!


Join us and get to know more about this call for proposals that provide an opportunity for civil society organisations and municipalities from an EU country and Turkey to work together under the framework of climate and environmental actions – the Town Twinning II grant scheme!

The team of the EUROTUREC project (ref. num. CSD-VI/372), with the support of Sinem İÇÖZ BÖLÜKBAŞI, the EU Affairs Expert of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will hold a conference not only to provide information about the call but also to create a space for networking between potential applicants!

The conference will take place online, on January 19th from 14:00 to 15:30 Turkish time (12-13:30 CEST), and it requires registration to attend – apply here until January 15th. There are only 15 places available and the selection will happen on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can expect an online space to clarify your doubts and interact with other participants!

The conference call will count on simultaneous interpretation between English and Turkish language.


Still not convinced? Check more info about Town Twinning II grant scheme




The main objectives of this call for proposals are to enhance dialogue and create sustainable structures between Turkish and EU local authorities and strengthen the capacity of local authorities for the purposes of climate and environment based actions.

Meaning, the proposed projects should mention at least one of the following priorities

  1. Development of local plans, strategies, roadmaps and/or preparation of decision-making tools (modelling, impact and vulnerability analysis, etc.) with regard to climate change.
  2. Enhancing the capacity of local authorities and enabling the exchange of adaptation know-how and experience among local authorities within Turkey and/or the EU for the creation and/or implementation of climate change adaptation technologies and systems.
  3. Raising public awareness on climate and environment-related issues, particularly actions targeting children and youth.


To Whom?


Turkish Municipality or local authority in the EU Member States.

It is compulsory to have at least one non-state actor as a co-applicant as defined under Co-applicant-2, which is generally a Non-Profit Organisation. 


How Much Is Available?


Grant amount between 60.000 and 100.000 EUR, with up to 90% of EU funding. The budget can also cover salaries and external providers. 


Until when can you apply for the grant scheme?


The deadline for submission of the concept notes is March 1st 2022.

You can find more info about the call here.