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KA2 partnership conference

3rd Euroturec Conference: technical presentation and networking event on KA2 Erasmus+ Partnership for Cooperation Call

Join us, get to know more about Erasmus+ KA2 Partnership for Cooperation Call and get in touch with potential partners for the 23/3/22 deadline. 


3rd EUROTUREC Conference


The team of the EUROTUREC project (ref. num. CSD-VI/372), with the support of external experts from National Agency and experienced NGOs, will hold a conference not only to provide information about the call but also to create a space for networking between potential applicants!


The conference will take place online, on February 25th from 13:30 to 16:00 CEST (15:30-18:00 Turkish Time), and it requires registration to attend – the deadline is February 22nd. There are only 15-20 places available, so please be detailed in the info you put in the form to increase the chance of being selected.


The Schedule



Preparation task: each participant will have to prepare in advance a 1-slide presentation of their own organisation. 


Find out more about KA2 Erasmus+ Partnership for Cooperation Call here.