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GloRe Certificate Available in Multiple Languages

GloRe Certificate Available in Multiple Languages

GloRe Certificate is an online platform that turns the soft-skills acquired while volunteering, into a certificate spendable in the labour market. It has been developed by an international network and it is now available in multiple languages (English, Italian, Turkish and Spanish).


It represents an easy and professional way for people who undertook a local or international volunteering experience to see a recognition for their competences.



The certification process goes through e-learning modules, each one referring to a soft-skill to certify. The soft-skills are those non-technical and interpersonal skills that go along with hard-skills. They include, for example, how to interact with colleagues, how to solve problems, and how to manage work.


The successful features of GloRe Certificate are:

  • A Multilingual Platform: GloRe Certificate is indeed available in English, Italian, Turkish and Spanish.
  • E-Learning Modules: the certification process goes through unlimited-access modules to certify soft-skills.
  • Certificate Generation: after completing the training courses, the system generates a certificate to include in the CV.
  • Free Registration: the registration to the portal is free of charge.


In order to access the platform and certificate volunteering’s soft-skills, it is necessary the registration through the website.