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Presentation of GloRe Certificate Platform – FREE WEBINAR

Presentation of GloRe Certificate Platform – FREE WEBINAR

How to certify the soft skills of your volunteers?

Free Webinar to join on April 1st, 2021


Apply to be one of the 60 participants in the webinar to learn about GloRe Certificate Platform, discover how to join The GloRe Network and create new international partnerships.


The Webinar


The webinar will take place from 10am to 12:30pm (CET). The event is meant to display the main features of the certification platform, plus the possibility for new organisations to use the certification system.
The participants will soon experience the e-learning platform, along with its 26 modules, the certification process and the pedagogical methodologies applied. Such methods have been developed through interactive procedures and activities in small groups. 

The webinar activity, under the supervision of Learning design, together with Associazione Joint and the EU Center, will present the main aspects of the certification platform and set out the possibility for new organisations to join a 5-months Trial Period to start certifying soft-skills for their volunteers immediately.

Moreover, participants will have time, in small groups, to get to know each other and create new partnerships specifically in the field of volunteering, learning certification and youth empowerment.


The Project


The webinar is part of GloCal Recognition, a project funded by Civil Society Dialogue between the European Union and Turkey – V (CSD – V). It aims at fostering cooperation between European and Turkish civil society organisations within the field of volunteering. In this framework the two project partners – Associazione Joint and EU Center – developed, in cooperation with many other CSOs from Turkey, Europe and Latin America, the new version of the certificate system. Over and above that, we aim at broadening its use not only among international volunteers but at the level of local volunteering activities too.


The Platform


It is a certification platform that allows both international and local volunteers to receive a certificate with recognition of the soft skills they acquired while volunteering. 

The latest version of the platform, launched in March 2021, enables users to get a certificate either in English, Turkish, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. Volunteers have the possibility to go through 26 e-learning modules, that help them in assessing their level in each soft-skill (the ones certified by the platform) and in creating a short dossier about their learning. At the end of the process the host organisation will validate the certificate, taking responsibility for approving the information on it. The platform is complementary to the Youthpass and provides volunteers with a flexible and reliable certificate, while investing a few hours on it. The certificate has international recognition by the members of The GloRe Network international community and by several educational and public institutions.


The GloRe Network


The GloRe Network is the umbrella organisation that overviews the correct usage of the platform and the memberships. Other organisations need to become members of it in order to use the certificate platform.


Webinar Selection Criteria


A maximum of 60 participants will be part of the webinar. The minimum requirements to participate are: 

  • Have a relevant role in the organisation you represent;
  • Represent an organisation active within the field of volunteering, education, youth empowerment and interested in using the certification system;
  • Be able to understand and contribute in English or Turkish (there will be simultaneous translation in Turkish if needed).

How To Participate


Fill out this form by March 28th 2021. We will contact you for a short interview or confirmation, and to finalise the selection.